Live Music

Live Music Every Friday and Saturday.

Come and join us on our Blues Jam Nights on the second Monday of the month between 9pm and 11pm or our Open Mic Nights on the last Tuesday of the month between 9pm and 11pm.

Check out what we have coming up.

    • Friday 14th September - 9.30pm until 11.30pm
      Low Riders
    • Saturday 15th September - 9.30pm until 11.30pm
      Break Cover
      60s to the present day pop and rock covers band. Break Cover bring you classic rock covers from the 50s to the present day. With the addition of the fantastic Amber Coleman, these guys pride themselves on giving the audience a top notch, quality performance at 100% to get people up dancing and having a great time.More
    • Friday 21st September - 9.30pm until 11.30pm
      Big Brass SKA Band
      Big Brass Ska is a new and exciting band which was formed in January 2016. Made up of 10 players from many different styles of music, rock and roll, punk, Ska and traditional Brass band, the musicians have joined together to form this new group.
      Big Brass Ska was adopted as the bands new name mainly as a result of having a 4 piece brass section which gives an extra powerfull level to achieve the Fantastic SKA sound.Brass SKA. The most powerful SKA band in Dorset.
      Covers music from Bad Manners, Madness, Specials and much more...
    • Saturday 22nd September - 9.30pm until 11.30pm
      The Underdogs
      Acoustic pop and rock covers trio. The Underdogs are an acoustic trio from Hampshire. They cover a wide range of popular rock and pop from the 60s to the present day. No-one knows quite how it started, but their laid-back approach and willingness to try any request the audience throws at them has seen The Underdogs become a favourite at pubs and parties across the south of England.More

    • Saturday 15th September - Kick Off 12.30pm
      Premier League - Tottenham v Liverpool

    • Saturday 15th September - Kick Off 5.30pm
      Premier League - Watford v Man Utd

    • Sunday 16th September - Kick Off 5.30pm
      Premier League - Everton v West Ham

    • Monday 17th September - Kick Off 8.00pm
      Premier League - Southampton v Brighton

    • Tuesday 18th September - Kick Off 8.00pm
      Champions League - Liverpool v PSG

    • Saturday 22nd September - Kick Off 12.30pm
      Premier League - Fulham v Watford

    • Saturday 22nd September - Kick Off 5.30pm
      Premier League - Brighton v Tottenham

    • Sunday 23rd September - Kick Off 4.00pm
      Premier League - Arsenal v Everton